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Cenote Trash The Dress

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logo-site-2An unbelievable experience: A Cenote Trash The Dress

An unforgettable experience unique to the Yucatan peninsula. There are thousands of cenotes all along the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Merida area.

For a family portrait session, an engagement session, or to trash (wash) your wedding dress, the cenotes are a breath-taking location for creating memories through amazing shoots

What is a Cenote?

Cenotes are natural sinkholes carved into the limestone bedrock, exposing the subterranean bodies of water underneath. Some are large, open outdoor pools measuring tens of meters in diameter. Many sinkholes are completely underground.

Cenote water is often very clear freshwater arriving as rainwater filtered slowly through the ground. Cenotes close to the sea, however, can have a mixture of salt and fresh water. To know more about Cenotes, visit this Wikipedia page.

Your Trash The Dress in a cenote!

I have been scouting dozens of cenotes in the jungle between Cancun and Tulum and have discovered the ones offering the best conditions for a fabulous photo session. I’ve also spent time analysing the sunlight throughout the day in order to achieve the best results and capture the most spectacular moments.

Avid swimmer or fish out of water: Which cenote for your TTD?

Not a great swimmer? Not a problem, I can take you to a magical cenote where you will have foot throughout most of the cavern. For more confortable swimmers, we can go to a larger cenote for spectacular deep-water shots.

Watch a video of a cenote Trash The Dress to imagine how it works!

Are you curious to know how works a cenote Trash The Dress sessions? Watch this video

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Video of a deep underwater TTD

Marisol & Leon's Trash The Dress in a deep cenote in the Riviera Maya!

A breathtaking sunlight for this TTD!

For Sarah & Nicks TTD, we had crazy sunlight conditions and we get fabulous photos!

A Family trash the Dress!

Kara & Dan went with their daughter (8 month) for this magic session

Colleen & Shane TTD in a deep cenote

Good swimmers, we went to a deep cenote for the Trash The Dress.

Magic Morning Sunlight on a TTD

We went very early (8am at the cenote) to have this incredible sunlight!

Morning TTD playing with sunlight

David & Ruth Trash The Dress in a mayan cenote. We play with sunlight to get these photos


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