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Pierre Violle –  Background


Graduated in photography for journalism from CFD School in Paris, I have been a magazine Free-lance photojournalist for  10 years covering stories in Europe and Latino-America. One of the main topic I am working on all over Latino America countries, is religious ardor during Days of the death, Holies weeks, Carnivals or Guadalupe processions. Publications in over 30 different magazines such as Marie-Claire, Gala, Paris capital (France), Interviu, Deviajes (Spain), Tina (Germany), Femmes d’aujourd’hui (Belgium).

Wedding photographer in the Riviera Maya and Caribbean

I came to Mayan Riviera (Mexico) in 2006 developing my own vision of wedding and portrait photography using my photojournalist experience. My only goal: Catch the soul of people on simple photos. This page shows people who trust in my work to capture what they are and what they live.

Underwater Trash The Dress Photographer – cenote, pool, beach

Since 2009, I started to shoot underwater trash the the dress, taking advantage of my passion for swimming and diving. The Riviera maya has dozen of magical cenotes (natural fresh water pools in the jungle) which are perfect playgrounds to get spectacular underwater portrait.

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