National Geographic visited us!

National Geographic Magazine visited us!

National Geographic came to share with us a Cenote Trash The Dress

How did National Geographic assist one of our Trash the Dress Cenote sessions?

I was contacted by the world renowned magazine National Geographic that was working on a great documentary about cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. They wanted, amongst other things, to discover the current use of the cenotes. We caught their attention over the past year with Trash the Dress sessions done under the water with the bride and groom. They asked if it would be possible to attend one of the sessions. I invited them to attend the Karla & Justin photography session because besides Trash the Dress, there was also a Mayan Ceremony in the Cenote.

Saul from National Geographic during Karla & Justin’s Trash the Dress

Saul Schwarw, an Israelite photographer who lives in New York, and works for National Geographic on a regular basis, attended this fabulous day! We must recognize that he has the true soul of a journalist: He never interacted with us, but never stopped moving in order to get the best shot. He was like a squirrel climbing everywhere!

Saul took advantage of his trip in the Riviera Maya to visit the Cenotes of the Hidden World and to take more shots. I got to accompany him, loaning him my complete set (camera + housing) to do some shots under the water in remote caves.

National Geographic Publication:

A few months later, National Geographic published in at least four different languages (French, English, Spanish and Italian) a 24 page article called “Secrets of the Spiritual Mayan World”.

In the article, the shot of Karla & Justin’s Trash the Dress was published on two pages! They loved being in the magazine: Not every couple gets their wedding day published by National Geographic!